Course code – MDPU22

A doctorate from the University of Cambridge is primarily a research degree based on a research programme developed in conjunction with a supervisor. If you are contemplating a PhD in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care it is important to identify a researcher who is working in an area of research of mutual interest and willing to be a supervisor. We therefore encourage you to find out about the research programmes within the department by looking at our web pages and other background reading. You should then contact potential supervisors to find out about the possibility of working with them or someone in their group. Applications to the Board of Graduate Studies for a PhD in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care will not be accepted without a named supervisor.

In addition some formal training or experience in epidemiology and/or biostatistics will be needed. Students without such a background are encouraged to do the MPhil in Epidemiology or Public Health before undertaking their doctoral studies. It is unlikely that students without such training will be accepted for a PhD.

Starting dates

The Cambridge academic year starts on the 1st October and is divided into three terms (October, January and April). It is generally possible to start a PhD at the beginning of any term.

Part time applicants

The Department accepts part time PhD applications. Further information on part time research degrees are available from the Board of Graduate Studies

Course work

There is no formal programme of lectures but each research student is encouraged to develop an individually tailored programme of lectures and courses that enhance their background in science and in transferable skills essential for future career development.