Catalysing delivery of novel and targeted therapeutics from human genetics

Dr Nadeem Sarwar, Vice President and Global Head – Genetics & Human Biology; Director – Integrated Human Genomics (IHGx) Unit, Eisai Inc. Time: Monday 15th September, 4pm Venue: Thomas Strangeways room, Strangeway’s research laboratory (Addenbrooke’s campus) Nadeem’s research focuses on applying several integrated sciences to deliver novel and targeted medicines from human genetics to patients. […]

Dementia: what’s needed now?

A remarkable new project that looks at brain donor’s involvement in brain research and the search for cures for dementia will be presented at this year’s Cambridge Science Festival on Friday 21 March. Mind over matter showcases 12 of Britain’s oldest brain donors who agreed to be photographed and interviewed. Presented by artist Ania Dabrowska and […]

Fat, Fitness and Food, The latest research brought to light

What effects if any do our diets have on health? How can we find health patterns in the population? What’s the truth about fat? What keeps people fit and healthy as they get older? These questions and more will be explored at this year’s Cambridge Science Festival. On Sunday 23 March, the event, From EPIC Patterns […]

Meals for one: how eating alone affects the health of the elderly

EPIC-Norfolk, a long-term study of health and ageing that recently celebrated its 20th birthday, provides researchers with a wealth of data. Annalijn Conklin, a PhD candidate in the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR), discusses what we can learn from the study about the impact of isolation, and a drop in quality of diet, […]

On yer bike

With governments around the world under increasing pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, transport systems are under scrutiny. Dr James Woodcock has introduced another factor into the equation: population health. Motorised transport is the fastest-rising cause of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and there’s a strong imperative to address this by moving towards a low-carbon […]